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A spankin' new cast member on Saturday Night Live. He is an long-time improviser, so when carrying out a show at a low-budge theatre in LA, he had been discovered by Megan Mullally just who passed their title to Lorne Michaels, for this reason got an auditio n for SNL and triumphed because he could be fucking amazing. Certainly the next Will Ferrell. Supersedes Andy Samberg (other new cast user in 2010) by-far.ps- He is a doll directly (see my photo with him) A very gifted impressionist and underrated movie and television actor. Offers starred in almost every preferred comedy movie of the final 5 years. Presently performs on Saturday-night Live. In addition to being a funny man, he is additionally a genuinely sweet and good-natured person.Impressions and figures from SNL and required viewing include: Al Pacino, Alan Alda, Julian Assange, James Mason, Seth Rogen, Vinny Vedici, Nitro from Laser Cats, Crazy Carl from The Meeting, and Stefon from Weekend enhance.Films consist of Superbad, Adventureland, Tropic Thunder, evening during the Museum 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hot Rod, Cloudy With the possibility of Meatballs, Pineapple Express and Paul.