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Great mentor of this Pittsburgh Steelers, mentor for 14 years (1992-present), recognized for his spit spewing tirades and "double-jointed" jaw. Finally won a Super Bowl by beating the Seahawks 21-10 in Super Bowl XL A toolbag which coached the maximum staff in soccer. It took him 13 years to win a superbowl....something Mike Tomlin performed in 2. For some reason some individuals think he is a great coach. He could be the worst mentor Pittsburgh ever endured. Chuck Noll, and Mike Tomlin are both far better mentors. Cowher also rumered to-be gay with Kordell Stewert (the qb associated with the steelers whom couldnt toss worth a shit, unless it absolutely was to the other staff). Whenever Stewart sucked Cowher proceeded to start out him year in year out. The two were rumered become providing eachother blowjobs in schenley park. Cowher is a hometown boy, just who forgot had been he originated from. Pittsburgh offered him everything he has today, but after retirement he works to NC and becomes a Carolinian. He in addition roots the Carolina recreations groups like Huricanes, rather than Pittsburgh teams. Most useful words to spell it out Bill Cowher is 1: Loser 2: greedy 3: ignorant 4: queer 5: jagoff (thats from Pittsburgh). Bill Cowher is an embarrassment, and disgrace into the city of Pittsburgh, together with Steelers.