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A nickname or term for somebody who could cause havoc and it is inherently awkward and posses small reasoning or good sense. A Bilko is the most accident prone individual you may be ever expected to fulfill and extreme care ought to be utilized whenever a Bilko is within the vacinity.The most well-known plus some state original Bilko is 'Bilko', aka Zoid and Mr Neil, and is native to Northern France, Belgium and south-east England. It is ambiguous as to why it moves location on a near day-to-day basis, one principle could it be's importance of alcoholic beverages, meals and to provide others a rest from his catastrophic tendancies.A Bilko is also a formidable eater of pies, kebabs and curry with peshwari naan loaves of bread, although absolutely nothing hotter than a Madras. It's been rumoured that after it is questioned, it will reply 'I'm not the Zoid you are searching for' which is taken loosely from Star Wars.WARNING: for the personal safety, don't approach, contact or get stuck in identical room as a Bilko. Southern Ontario slang for a hand job.