What does Biliousness mean?

Biliousness meaning in General Dictionary

their state to be bilious

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  • gastric distress due to a problem of the liver or gall bladder
  • a personality showing out of control fury
  • hawaii of being bilious.

Biliousness meaning in Medical Dictionary

A term utilized in the 18th and nineteenth centuries regarding bad digestion, tummy discomforts, irregularity, and extortionate flatulence (moving fuel). The quantity or top-notch the bile had been regarded as to blame the problem. Ergo, title "biliousness." ("Bilious" derives from French "bilieux," which in turn came from "bilis," the Latin term for "bile.") Biliousness was usually laid to high living. The "remedy" had been moderation and frequent visits towards the doctor.

Biliousness meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Hawaii of being bilious.