What does Bilharzia mean?

Bilharzia meaning in Medical Dictionary

A schistosome, a trematode worm parasite. Three main types of these worms'Schistosoma haematobium, S. japonicum, and S. mansoni'cause infection in humans. Larval kinds of the parasite are now living in freshwater snails. If the parasite is liberated from snail, it burrows into the skin, transforms on schistosomulum stage, and migrates towards endocrine system (S. haematobium), or liver or bowel (S. japonicum or S. mansoni), where the person worms develop. Eggs are shed into the urinary tract and/or intestine, in which they hatch to form another as a type of the parasite, known as miracidia, that will after that infect snails once more, finishing the parasite's life period. Also known as schistosomiasis.

Bilharzia meaning in General Dictionary

an infestation with or a resulting illness caused by a parasite of this genus Schistosoma; common inside tropics and asia; symptoms depend on the an element of the human anatomy infected