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The Klingon term for "punishment" from a Star Trek game. Used to issue a challenge of your respective threshold for discomfort. a well regarded person and applied religion. Is known to be a wizard and a zombie. Even though he's a zombie he's in addition a zombie killer. He constantly falls things a single day prior to the Regents and certainly will finish a test in virtually any subject within a few minutes by waving their Bijwand and saying "BIJAKAZAM" or "ALAKABIJ". With his sorcery they can make you do just about anything at will. He also is referenced in nearly every tune ever made. He's got a love for preferred, Subway, and Arnold Palmer's. He's BIJ. He's many interesting guy on the face regarding the world. As BIJ constantly states "stay Bijie my buddies." A blowjob... that just goes halfway; A blowjob that comes to an end before orgasm and/or ejaculation.Note: "bi", which relates to a component thereof, begins with B, and is to be used only once explaining the partial "blowjob". See also: half-j Gorgeous guy just who tends to make everyone else SMILE!! Slang. crystal methamphetamine.a difference of this term jib