What does Bignelly mean?

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A man-like creature just who typically arises from Dorset that loves alcohol and Intercourse. Bignelly is loosely related to a Bonobo or Chimpanzee in terms of intelligence and sex-drive and cannot stop grunting and yelling "oh oh oh." He's got 600 Bignells in Asia through their continuing semen donation solutions. Little-known is the fact that he could be why they setup the "One-China Policy." He in addition frequently parrots the phrases: "Shit the sleep", "Built like a Brick Shit home", "You're somewhat Shit Faggot" (In a form means), and "Hey Baby." His Beer belly is quite huge in which he plays along with it often in public areas. He enjoys arts, especially Kamasutra with Donkeys and Goats and maintains a fervent Fish-Fetish. He hates the Scots with a passion but likes Mel Gibson for his governmental and spiritual views. He enjoys trelations with Chinese ladies due to their small sized penis and curiously huge ballsack. His beard, Bald Spot and crazy bursts of trend tend to be characteristic features that may suggest a possible Bignelly.He is far rarer to get than either Bigfoot or a Yeti but is well-acquainted with both since they are his cousins.