What does Big Yellow Bitch mean?

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The affectionate nickname given to the top yellow college buses maintaining outlying schools in Southern Australian Continent, specifically the 1250 path driven time in, day trip by college instructor Mr. Blenkiron.Seating positions on Big Yellow Bitch correlates to 1's degree of coolness; senior students sit towards the in order to yell obscenities or put undesirable fruity projectiles out the screen at passing Cornerstone students. Middle and junior pupils sit in descending age order to the motorist. The further one sits towards the motorist, the nerdier the person.Occupants of chairs more associated with the crisis exit row are either year 8/9 students or extremely uncool. Eg. Paper Boy.A way to obtain great annoyance in the Big Yellow Bitch is having to share a seat with somebody else, regardless of if they are a buddy. The tiny length in the middle rows necessitates sitting side-on in order for legs aren't squashed. That, together with proven fact that the top Yellow Bitch is guaranteed to break down at least one time annually.