What does Big Spicy Manhugs mean?

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As any logical, non-stupid individual may have noticed, homophobia is exceptionally commonplace within our society. For that reason, in my own capabilities because the Legendary Wordsmith Eric, We have taken it upon myself to develop an innovative new way of homophobe fight. In the event that you end up becoming in comparison to a bundle of sticks during an illiterate's tantrum, "Big Spicy Manhugs" can be a successful device with which to frighten and confuse your spoken assailant into submission.Also, they generate for a very excellent greeting, upon entering a chat space. By judging the reactions to "Big spicy manhugs for all!", you are able to often straighten out those who are worth friendship, and the ones that worthy of a good comprehensive taunting. On a side note.. the females can be fond of my big spicy manhug.