What does Big Red Binary Scale mean?

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there clearly was a necessity, whenever going to an Ivy League college like Cornell (Mascot: Big Red), to abandon the standard 0-10 score system whenever assessing women regarding the street or at events, in favor of the Binary Scale which simplifies the former system to a straightforward 0 or 1. A woman who's offered a 0 score because of the individual or their buddies could be considered a “no-go” and so maybe not socially acceptable for with, whereas a girl deserving of a-1 provides the individual the green light to “go because of it.” This system is helpful because it removes all the grey location connected with hooking up and alleviates the pain that is included with hooking up with a girl considered borderline by your buddies. With the Big Red Binary Scale, peace of mind is as painless determining whether this woman is a 0 or 1.