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The blend of Jim Beam and Monster Energy Drink. The mixture is certainly one component Jim to two components Monster. Its just considered a "Big" Jim in the event that beast is poured from a BFC. Being huge, from New York, and Jewish. 1.) A mans penis (large). 2.)A Fat guy named Jim. 3.)A radio celebrity on 101 KUFO. 4.)A guy which owes Red a cap and a drink for burning the fabric in the Infinity Q45, with a cigarette he bummed down Red to begin with. All this work after Red had been generous(see: Stoned) adequate to drive his drunken monkey butt residence while Red was at work and mightn't really leave but since Big Jim is such a huge celebrity(see also: Drunkard), Red requested his employer nicely(see: ass kissing), got authorization after which realized that Big Jim life in BFE(see also: Bum Fuck Egypt and Butt Fuck Egypt). You see Red works/lives into the Burbs(see: wealthy kids). But Jim lives into the big-city(see additionally: Girlfriends parents household). Red has actually a lead base and was going about 75-80mph down Hwy 26(see also: evading law enforcement), when because of a taco truck(see in addition: Roach Coach), traffic ended up being stopped in the tunnel onto 405 south. Red cursed near the top of his lungs. After that Big Jim tried to cuss together with his drunken wit but ended up simply burning up a big gap in Red's leather-based chair. :) Successful Birthday Ya Big bastard!!! Of course you like you! Just not for the reason that sexual means! Except Your Girl.......and Marconi(see additionally: Big Man Lovin). I want me a KUFO Hat(see also: Hook a brother up)!