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also referred to as "BGC".People who're therefore exceptionally miserable no matter how good stuff tend to be, are characteristically gifted to be transmitters and breeders of a "BGC". In context, these include miserable men and women you could stay or assist that, by default, suck yourself force from your human anatomy just when you're in the same space, or standing next to you. You're going to be instantly afflicted with the "BGC" bug by a rapid sense of worthlessness, loathing, but a sudden urge to head into walls, babbling incoherently, or in extreme situations, feel an extreme desire to slap the living shit from the way to obtain the "BGC" bug. These wretched individuals might also have foul smelling breathing and unkempt hair and clothing. Several times, in extreme situations, impacted people will cower in a large part whilst piddling and defecating on their own as the "BGC" bug operates it's program. Never confuse these signs with those linked to the "Poopie Monster" problem. The affected individual with all the "BGC" bug might also defecate on their own without knowing it. There's absolutely no known remedy at present for the "BGC" bug, and each situation is unique because the observable symptoms may operate from just several mins to numerous times at the same time.