What does Big Diesel big diesel mean?

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keyword made use of mostly in Eastern Tennessee to spell it out a guy's big penis. Also can be utilized when you look at the reduced kind diesel, to describe a very outstanding or "sweet" specific. Nonetheless word isn't interchangable with cool/nice etc. It is specifically utilized for a specific method of acting.Individuals named Diesel normally have the following characteristics:1. crudely humored.2. Usually Pyschically Large (as well as in cost)3. Start brain with their very own tips.4. When ever possible will express dominance on weaker men and women.5. May drive a cadillac, BMW, Chrysler, Landrover, or Peugot (in europe only)6. Usually will love fanship of contact sports7. Whenever asked their interest will repond below: A good dinner and a hot girl. a word describing a particularly masculine woman. Traits of a "big diesel" feature big bisceps and a square jawbone. Most likely produced by noticed similiarities between masculine females and male truckers.