What does Bifurcation mean?

Bifurcation meaning in General Dictionary

A forking or unit into two limbs

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  • a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)
  • where something divides into two branches
  • the act of splitting into two branches
  • A forking, or unit into two branches.

Bifurcation meaning in Urban Dictionary

The splitting associated with the person cock for decorative or sexual purposes.

Bifurcation meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the work of a judge in dividing problems before an effort to ensure that one problem will likely be ruled upon before hearing research on the other problem. (See bifurcate

Bifurcation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "the point where one thing splits in 2," noun of action from bifurcate (v.). Meaning "division into two forks" is from 1640s.

Bifurcation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The unit of something once.

Bifurcation meaning in Insurance Dictionary

frequently describes situations when the dilemmas of liability and problems tend to be divided and attempted by themselves.

Bifurcation - French to English


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  • fork

Bifurcation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A forking, or unit into two limbs.

Sentence Examples with the word Bifurcation

These curious appendages (Aphlebiae), at first regarded as parasitic growths, have been compared with the feathery outgrowths which occur on the rachis in the Cyatheaceous genus Hemitelia, and with the 'anomalous pinnules found in certain species of Gleichenia, at the points of bifurcation of the frond.

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