What does Bifkin Cake mean?

Bifkin Cake meaning in Urban Dictionary

A Bifkin Cake is a word made use of anytime a spur-of-the-moment laugh is ruined because of the continual flow of comments after the primary punchline. When one thing amusing or comical happens in a real-life situation, several individuals who observed the big event would then begin to create funny punchlines that could trigger uprorious laughter included in this. These punchlines can remain funny for 2 or 3 men and women; but an individual over quotes the boundaries associated with the laugh and adds in one-too-many punchlines, they've unwillingly lost the appeal of the joke with their team. Signs of this happening consist of: Pity laughter from or two people in the group; no laughter from most users and a nervous coughing from a passive member. If all those indications can be found, then the last one to state a punchline has been doing a 'Bifkin,' and will be ignored because of the rest of their herd for up to 5-10 moments before the Bifkin is forgotten.