What does Bietti crystalline dystrophy mean?

Bietti crystalline dystrophy meaning in Medical Dictionary

an inherited attention illness leading to progressive night blindness and visual field constriction and is described as the forming of crystals inside cornea (the clear covering associated with eye), yellow shiny deposits regarding the retina, and progressive atrophy associated with retina and choroid (the back layers associated with the attention). Average chronilogical age of beginning is 29. Lipid inclusions exist not just in the cornea but additionally in bloodstream lymphocytes, recommending a systemic disorder of lipid metabolism. There is absolutely no understood treatment. The condition is an autosomal recessive characteristic (the gene is on chromosome 4q35-qter) and is called for G. B. Bietti, an Italian ophthalmologist, who described it in 1937. Also referred to as Bietti crystalline corneoretinal dystrophy.