What does Bieberwhore mean?

Bieberwhore meaning in Urban Dictionary

a person who is within "love" with Justin Bieber. Characteristics include: Justin Bieber-covered belongings, discusses Justin Bieber constantly, Justin Bieber product, listens to Justin Bieber and just Justin Bieber. Much more severe situations, the Bieberwhore is going to do the immediate following: Worship Justin Bieber as though he had been Godly, and start to become a Bieberist, gown like Justin Bieber, spend long periods of time on the internet, trying to find Justin Bieber's telephone number, address, etc. & attempt to get in touch with Justin Bieber, effort (& often succed) to persuade by themselves that they are romantically associated with Justin Bieber & have non-stop explicit dreams about Justin Bieber.