What does Bieber-itis Bieberitis mean?

Bieber-itis Bieberitis meaning in Urban Dictionary

A malignant problem affecting the cleverness part of real human brains, specially female; signs are child molestation, partying to awful songs, and generating horrendous renditions of Justin Bieber's lackluster songs near the top of your lungs; thought to be due to the prepubescent vocals of just one Justin Bieber; irreparable damage caused to brain cells; is briefly relieved by male vocalists who can vocalize at less pitch than Mariah Carey. A social-life-threatening problem present a lot of the feminine populace and some homosexual men. Identified as an illness that places one into a frantic craze at picture, thought, or mentioning of Justin Bieber. Negative effects differ according to sex. In women, negative effects may include uncontrollable sqealing, screaming or ideas of pleasure. In guys...well, we would rather not visualize these types of an atrocity. This condition is a significant turnoff for men and makes real musicians sick.