What does Bicuspid mean?

Bicuspid meaning in General Dictionary

the two double pointed teeth which intervene between your canines cuspids plus the molars for each side of each and every jaw See Tooth n

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  • Having two points or prominences ending in 2 points said of teeth leaves good fresh fruit an such like
  • having two cusps or things (especially a molar enamel)
  • a tooth having two cusps or things; situated amongst the incisors therefore the molars
  • Alt. of Bicuspidate
  • among the two double-pointed teeth which intervene amongst the canines (cuspids) plus the molars, for each side of each jaw. See Tooth, n.

Bicuspid meaning in Medical Dictionary

Having two flaps or cusps.

Bicuspid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1826, "having two parts," from bi- + Latin cuspidem "cusp, point." As a noun, quick for bicuspid molar, attested from 1837.

Bicuspid meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Bicuspidate