What does Bibus Bibus mean?

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A person who speaks in a Kazak accent and pretends to be from Kazakhstan (influenced by the movie Borat) to the level where it pisses everybody off.It is actually in collaboration with someone (bob)resulting in conversations therefore pissing much more men and women off. They likewise have strong hatred towards Uzbeks. Bibus is a lady nickname. A bibus is a lady whom enjoys daydreaming. She's got skill in art-like including; painting, playing piano, performing. This woman is wierd in the same way. Every bibus should have some dreams about secrets, last or future. But she'll never know it's truth until she informs it. A Bibus may also be in love with creatures. Precisly reptiles. Like: Snakes, Spiders, Turtles or Lezards.Another thing a Bibus must be interested in is Paranormal material and Mythologie. Like: Vampires, Ghosts, Gods and Goddesses or Werewolve.A Bibus may be rarely and hardly unfortunate. A Bibus also loves candy and it is likely to-be very very fat (consuming problems).This is focused on my best friend Beatrice. (That we usally call Bibus) from your own best friend Jessica from British.