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many biba's are self centred bitches just who love nothing more then making individuals lives a full time income hell.(Other definitions)the type of person who ses make a quick call whenever she's sitting correct alongside it.once the door bell bands never ever answer it and wait until they stop ringing or someone else comes down and opens up the doorway on her very own friend. A very big douche bag and attempts to be varied but truly its like everyone else. Corrects every person on every little thing. Doesn't know that a bass is a guitar. Has a PHD in Behavioural Psychology. Works well with free as a therapist for many it really is pals. Severely observant.. and likes to bitch about directors - dislikes Hollywood films (only likes french films!!!!!!) Wears toms with a high waisted skirts.Is. Always. Right.Has really bad anxiety - actually clingy.