What does Bhavviking mean?

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'Bhavvinking' - additionally 'Bhavving'. Verb. A term widely used once the Bhav of one's group; this is the quiet and diligent men' man, manages to lose their cool and uncharacteristically unleashes a torrent of abuse towards surprise of the around him.Usually, there is a known limitation of his threshold that can be forced by his peers: The Bhav Tolerance, and/or Metro limitation. The goal is frequently to drive this determination limitation past its optimum and a vital crucial method to notice when this restriction is reached could be the nervous / furious quivering associated with reduced lip at the start of his message. It is VERY important to then hold trying his patience further with multiple practices that you simply should be aware of will annoy or irritate (even intimately if desired) the Bhav.The outcome is that he will start Bhavviking: The decibels dB of his voice will double and all sorts of of his life's issues will put down at those around him, scaring all of them into submission and feasible tears.This term is frequently placed on other nouns, not merely humans - be sure to relate to the examples below.