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Beyonceitis is the destruction of your profession because of the overall energy of Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is a significant infection which includes destroyed the jobs of a few music artists although various have now been capable have successful careers despite it. Beyonceitis can be accustomed explain the general domination of popular culture by Beyonce Knowles. Beyonceitis is most severe on artists who attempt to launch records across the exact same time as Beyonce or perform for a passing fancy award shows as Beyonce. Doing so has lead to the shame of several feminine designers. Some describe it as Beyonce being overexposed, or as Beyonce having a monopoly regarding the songs game, but truthfully if you should be an excellent adequate performer you'd shine aside from who else you are in competition with.Beyonceitis is an issue that embarrasses many people. No body desires to admit this 1 individual features caused so much destruction. Nobody wants to acknowledge this 1 individual has bitch-slapped (together with her band hand) the entire music business. If you have problems with Beyonceitis never worry. Try not to feel ashamed. Beyonce shits on many people. You are not alone. There is help. There's hope.History of BeyonceitisIf one seems in the reputation for feminine entertainers they've both fallen into one of two categories: 1. Singers 2. Entertainers. The reasoning behind the 2 groups being either you're singer which couldn't dancing or a dancer just who cannot sing. (you would not check-out a Whitney Houston show for dance moves, and also you wouldn't head to a Janet Jackson show for singing) Then came Beyonce, an artist who could sing AND entertain. This made it hard for the singers since they not only must struggle to discover powerful enough tracks to compensate for the proven fact that these were boring real time performers, and the entertainers must get a hold of music (or gimmicks) strong enough to compensate for the fact they mightn't sing worth a damn. After that emerged Beyonce.Symptoms of BeyonceitisHow have you figured out if you are contaminated by Beyonceitis? Below are a few danger sign to take into consideration:Your record sales have dropped.Your record label is pressing your record back since Bush Sr. was in workplace.Your record label features fallen you.Your record label has attempted to get you from the contract for $35, and a pack of Newports.Go to YouTube, and do a search for just one of one's video clips, to discover if Beyonce's name's randomly purchased up inside discussion.Your followers reference Beyonce as "Fatonce", "Bitchonce", Weavyonce, or some variation using the suffix "-yonce".To discover more about Beyonceitis and to see if you are a possible target, consider www.wigcrypt.blogspot.com