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a little town from the south shore of The united kingdomt where no-one in their correct brain may wish to get. It is saturated in old men and women and often described as 'god's waiting area'. However it is form of cosy. crap and do not ever before bother going indeed there. You'll likely believe it's a pleasant little bright put on the south coastline of england with lovely sea air that features some character and that is close to some huge cities. You'd be wrong. It's a boring small raining place on the south shore of england with a view of this murky gray ocean with no personality whatsoever. This has countless old people on it it's called 'Jesus's waiting room'. Physically, i call-it crap. As an added bonus you will most probably get run over by one of several old people in a motorized scooter going at about 70mph the wrong method down a one-way road. And in case you might think as you are able to only park by the ocean and appearance on in the ocean you would be wrong. You cannot ever before park in Bexhill because everybody dual parks and traffic wardens cannot provide a damn. But otherwise you'll think it is lovely.