What does Beule mean?

Beule - German to English


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  • manager
  • bruise
  • welt
  • goose-egg [Am.] [coll.]
  • bulge [rounded inflammation]
  • dent [slight hollow (in a vehicle etc.)]
  • dint [dent]
  • boil
  • botch [swelling from the epidermis, boil]
  • bump [swelling from a blow]
  • swelling [protuberance or swelling (in the head etc.)]
  • puff [swelling, protuberance]

Sentence Examples with the word Beule

The shore, moreover, according to the accurate studies of the engineer Michele Ruggiero, director of the excavations, was not altered by the causes adduced by Beule (p. 125), but by a simpler event.

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