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A "goth-pop" band, fronted by Megan Burns aka Betty Curse.The category of "goth-pop" is a manufactured genre with no relevance to goth or gothic rockMegan Burns also acted when you look at the movie 28 days later.The debut album "Excuse all of the Blood" took its name through the committing suicide note kept by Death from the black colored steel band Mahem. This must be really insulting to Death's family members also to all-black material followers!the woman music appears nearly the same as Avril Lavigne, but she actually is much more "gothy" in features. However, Betty Curse isn't a gothic stone band.By trying (and failing) to mix various styles, she actually is an insult to goth, pop music and black material."I like dressing up. I like consuming wine. I love loneliness. I love relationship. I like being responsible. I love being submissive. I love reading poetry aloud. I like absinth. I love parisian prostitutes from the very early 1900s, real women. I love tattoos. I'd like Nick Cave to sing in my opinion when I bled to death. I love creating tales. I love to lay, it will make life much more interesting. I FAVOR The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster. We eliminate men and women and offer the figures. I'm in a band, however who isnt?" Many blatant try to profit from "alternative" teen tradition since Avril Lavinge.Betty Curse would be to to goth exactly what Avril is to punk. Oh,yes...she's that bad.