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Beta Chi Theta race InformationA lot of FOBs who will be usually the kids of first-generation Indo-Pak-Bangla immgrants (funny just how all of that luggage vanishes!) and which never ever discovered just how to precisely socialize along with other Us americans. Might claim being "perplexed" developing up and "not-being in touch with their culture." Really, do you know what? They never ever got touching itand in addition they And so they and they also visited good American institutions of higher learning in your area and bond collectively over their particular brownness. They claim becoming a perfect South Asian fraternity but use Greek letters to spot themselves (!) Blatantly apparent on campus: black tees, spiked blowout haircut with a lot of solution, and sporadically the BXO gold sequence. The lighter skinned people would be the frontrunners, and additionally they lead packages of 5-6 desis around campus.Good at: pretending to be gangsta, residing off their parents' money, upholding a culture they know nothing about, preventing non-brown contact.Bad at: college, women, handling pimples, maintenance for the spoilers on the riceburners, winning battles, finally going into the real-world.