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The longened version of the shortened Beth of the name Bethany. If a Beth is sometimes also referred to as Bethy, it shows she has a wicked sense of humour, really is able to party and it is just fun is around. Many people call the lady Bethy because she deserves above Beth. Bethy's normally have instead large knockers and lads dig her. Most people enjoy a Bethy! A Bethy is a white woman who's really precious, performs lots of video gaming and wants to prank folks in extremely cruel techniques and everybody absolutley loves this lady, she actually is positivley charming and can get her method without attempting, a Bethy is the type girl who does go for buddies then date anyone, yes this woman is straight but she's in love with boobs, there is not an instant in life that Bethy is'nt obsessing over some girls bazookas, a Bethy has actually a method size butt that people believe she stool from a black woman, nicely thin waste and a good pair of boobs, a Bethy can also be the type of girl who is drawn to asian males & wouldnt brain having fun with a cute asian women bazookas, she'd do absolutley everything for a Quiznos Sub "masquit chicken", she actually is known for becoming a fox demon in the earlier days however numerous have seen that dark part of her, a Bethy could be the many amazing woman previously but be carfull a Bethy is known to result in the most useful chicken wings that would just eliminate you to have, fundamentally a Bethy is the most EPIC woman live and can cause you to fall in love like a comic. a term for a woman who plays Final Fantasy XI everyday, never rests and uses all the woman time consuming green olives and communicating with Elvaans.Clever, funny with a loud booming laugh, she will make even strong seem worthless inside her shadow.If you previously run into a Bethy, do not become sidetracked by her Kingdom Hearts shirt, or the woman rainbow clothes. Just cry out, cover your eyes, and escape when you still have the opportunity.