What does Bethel mean?

Bethel meaning in Names Dictionary

House of God.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Female

Bethel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "somewhere in which God is worshipped," from Hebrew beth El "house of God," from beth, construct state of bayit "house." Preferred as a name for religious meeting houses among some Protestant denominations. Beth in addition had been title regarding the 2nd letter associated with the Hebrew alphabet, so named because of its shape, and had been lent into Greek as beta.

Bethel meaning in General Dictionary

a property of worship (especially one for sailors)

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  • A place of worship; a hallowed spot.
  • A chapel for dissenters.
  • a residence of worship for seamen.

Bethel - German to English

Bethel [Gen. 28:19]

Bethel meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A spot of worship; a hallowed area.

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  • (n.) A chapel for dissenters.
  • (letter.) A property of worship for seamen.

Sentence Examples with the word Bethel

It is the seat of Bethel Female College (Baptist, founded 1854), of South Kentucky College (Christian; co-educational; chartered 1849) and of the Western Kentucky Asylum for the Insane.

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