What does Bethan E Bethane mean?

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a striking, sexy woman that is amazing in almost every means. She's got the human body of a goddess and a caring heart. On occasion it feels as though she do not care the manner in which you feel but inside she does. You can easily tell every little thing bout her feelings by looking into her stunning blue eyes. She's got a lovely vocals and it is an excellent singer. Regardless of how unfortunate or despondent you're she can allow you to smile. Her smile can light the planet. You'll almost always rely on the lady becoming truth be told there available. She's really enjoyable to-be with. You won't ever get bored when together with your together. Once your around her your heart melts. She's kinda unusual but it is truly cute. Her facial expressions can make you laugh but in a great way. Its a girl you won't ever need lose. An excellent woman who's great enjoyable to-be around, however they usually tend to be concerned a great deal. In general you'll love to have a buddy called Bethane.