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Beta meaning in General Dictionary

The second page of this Greek alphabet B beta view B and cf etymology of Alphabet

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  • preliminary or testing phase of an application or hardware product
  • 2nd so as worth focusing on
  • the next page regarding the Greek alphabet
  • beets

Beta meaning in Names Dictionary

aimed at God.
Name Origin: Slavic
Name Gender: Female

Beta meaning in Economics Dictionary

element of a financial concept for valuing economic securities and determining the price of money, referred to as capital asset rates model, beta steps the susceptibility of this cost of a certain asset to alterations in industry overall. If an organization's stocks have a beta of 0.8 it signifies that an average of the share price can change by 0.8percent if there is a 1percent change in the marketplace. Discover a long-running debate about whether a beta computed from a security's past commitment aided by the marketplace in fact predicts exactly how that relationship will respond in future, leading some doubting economists to claim that beta is "dead".

Beta meaning in Law Dictionary

1. Great britain classification quite traded stocks. 2. the united states dimension of threat and volatility of this currency markets on the basis of the criteria. Each stock is given a standard amount of 1.00 and anything anove or below is noted. Reference alpha.

Beta meaning in Etymology Dictionary

2nd letter of the Greek alphabet, c.1300, from Greek, from Hebrew/Phoenician beth (see alphabet); used to designate the next of many things. Beta radiation is from 1899 (Rutherford). Beta particle is attested from 1904.

Beta meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A beta is computer software still under development that's made available to a select few to test, examine, and report issues they face. Beta screening permits designers to get problems they might have missed and fix them before the program is released.

Beta - German to English

beta [Greek page]

Sentence Examples with the word Beta

Among his writings are: Railroads, Their Origin and Problems (1878); Three Episodes of Massachusetts History (1892); a biography of his father, Charles Francis Adams (1900); Lee at Appomattox and Other Papers (1902); Theodore Lyman and Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr., Two Memoirs (1906); and Three Phi Beta Kappa Addresses (1907).

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