What does Bestrie mean?

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Bestries are like close friends, except better since they're the greatest lovers previously. A bestrie is a pal that you're comfortable becoming around and sharing things with. Your bestrie is your favourite person in the world, usually the one where you trust implicitly with anything. It can affect your sleep bt whatsapp and sometimes introduces you to definitely totally unusual folks. Bestries constantly look ahead to seeing one another even to-do next to nothing whatsoever. Bestries share passions,traits consequently they are faithful together. They wouldn't give up their life, they'd share it.With your bestrie, you don't have to keep in touch with communicate. A bestrie will inform you if you're being stupid, but it does not cause you to feel stupid.A bestrie is somebody who forgives you no matter what you are doing, someone who makes it possible to even when they don't understand how. In general, bestries love, admire and trust both.