What does Bestovus mean?

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Bestovus could be the time after Festivus. Just as Christmas time is followed closely by Boxing Day, Festivus (the anti-Christmas) is followed by Bestovus (the anti-Boxing time). While Festivus requires the "airing regarding the grievances" and "feats of strength", Bestovus smooths things over with those we may have harmed the earlier time. Its each and every day where we show the "best-of-us" by providing of ourselves - ironically a return on initial meaning of "boxing-day". It will be the first-day of artificial and superficial niceness for the following 364 days, increase into wonderful launch after that Festivus. Whilst the reverse regarding the current orgiastic materialism and capitalism of boxing-day, Bestovus is non-consumerist. This can be consistent with the non-materialist expression of Festivus - a bare aluminum pole. Festivus can actually be any time you intend to contain it making Bestovus likewise pliable, however the standard for Festivus is December 23rd so Bestovus would-be December 24th.