What does Besterestest Friend mean?

Besterestest Friend meaning in Urban Dictionary

A person that is preferable to a buddy, and also a lot better than a best friend.A person who is closer to you and that knows you a lot better than your typical friends.A person who will always be there obtainable. You'll virtually depend on when of day. Including, it is possible to arbitrarily phone all of them at 2 a.m. and they're going to pick up and speak with you-all evening if you want to be cheered up.an individual who knows what to state to get you to laugh or laugh in the times whenever you wouldn't like to.A person who knows you the means they understand the straight back of these hand.A person it is possible to speak to about everything and something, from most arbitrary funny topics into many serious subjects. You can be completely truthful with this specific person.A individual it's not necessary to work artificial around because they accept you for who you are, in spite of how lame you're.