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found in these structure to proclaim an individual's personal favorite pony (My Little Pony: Friendship is secret):"insert pony name listed here is most useful pony."This easy term is used everywhere and any time a MLPFIM fan is enthused by a certain pony. These comments tend to appear many in forums, message boards, and Youtube video clip comments. Some situations:-A pony does something impressive or amusing within the show.-A fan's preferred pony just appears and/or speaks in an episode (Derpy Hooves is the better example).-A pony shows a unique inclination and wins the approval of a viewer (like, the normally shy Fluttershy seems to overcome the shit from a bear).-A fan simply likes one pony to any or all others and would like to succeed known.It is to the patient lover to determine which pony is most beneficial, since the declaration is extremely individual, but some ponies (usually Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash) tend to be called most readily useful more frequently than the others. Additionally, this term isn't always absolute, as some uses it to simply show an increase in the endorsement of a pony, and can thus apply it to multiple fillies and colts. Pinkie Pie