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your message "Costumer" comes from greek that will be transalated into "retard". These personal like creatures come into most readily useful buy whining about life and bitch about every thing. They believe they learn as compared to sales rep while whichever they state is incorrect. Many of them are usually brain lifeless and beyond retarded. While just 3percent of those things tend to be wise the others is hopeless. They tend to bitch and say "im probably circiut city"... while worker's could provide less of a shit. These exact things could survive could snowy, rainy, as well as the many terrible weather conditions for electronics.They could remain outside within the colud over 10 hours and have fun. German, irish, us, and french boffins happen looking for why is all of them therefore "stupid" and "braindead". "They appear to n't have a life, and mainly smell bad" stated Dr. Xavier.