What does Besfrand mean?

Besfrand meaning in Urban Dictionary

a special term designed to define a friendship that's much better than the very best. It isn't a phrase you need to take softly. Its only meant to be used whenever describing a friendship which is an end all be all...an exclusion to your you've ever had prior to and any you ever before will have. Whenever you proclaim that you're "Besfrands" you are binding into an unconditional relationship created to last an eternity. It involves compassion, comprehension, compromise, and plenty of patience. You help and love each other through the most readily useful of times, the worst of that time period, and all sorts of the times in the middle which will make up this crazy journey called life. A friendship such as this is unusual and beautiful. If you're fortunate enough to own a "Besfrand" never drop all of them.