What does Beryllium mean?

Beryllium meaning in General Dictionary

A metallic element found in the beryl See Glucinum

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  • a light strong brittle gray poisonous bivalent metallic factor
  • A metallic element based in the beryl. See Glucinum.

Beryllium meaning in Medical Dictionary

A toxic metal within ores containing other elements that is used in creating steel alloys for nuclear reactors in addition to aerospace industry. Intense contact with beryllium fumes trigger a severe, occasionally deadly pneumonitis (swelling associated with lung area). Chronic overexposure to beryllium is more common and causes a diffuse inflammatory reaction in the lung area causing granulomas and fibrosis associated with the lungs and, in time, increasing difficulty breathing. Beryllium poisoning is termed berylliosis.

Beryllium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

metallic element, 1863, so-called as it figures into the structure of the pale green valuable stone beryl and ended up being identified in emerald (green beryl) in 1797 by French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin (1763-1829) and very first isolated in 1828. Initially and through 19c. additionally often known as glucinum or glucinium.

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Sentence Examples with the word Beryllium

The name beryllium was given to the metal by German chemists and was generally used until recently, when the earlier name was adopted.

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