What does Bertina mean?

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Bertina: German for "bright, shining", and that is precisely what this woman is!The sweetest, awesomest, friendliest girl you could ever before understand. Frequently therefore amazing so it stupifies you. Always makes unbiased judgements and tries to be fair to everyone. Understands when you should be responsible, and gives a lot more than she gets. Are some on the brief part, with bright eyes and a propensity to be peaceful. Whenever you know a Bertina, your life have much more light. Always has actually interesting conversation subjects and extremely innovative. Sacrifices by herself for good work as well as the ones that she treasures. A Bertina is a good and dedicated friend you may bear in mind forever and ever~May be known as Bert, Tina, Birdy, or Tuna. Will need nearly every nickname graciously, also!

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Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Female