What does Bersh mean?

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A species that lived-in the planet BershColliner in the Capangachian Galaxy. The Bershes familiar with live-in BershColliner nevertheless various other types BershCongas, whom are now living in BershCongia, Attacked the Bershes for the oil of this Bershes, the child bershes (BershLees) require oil it really is like milk but Oil!So we evacuated our planet, Crash Landed on the planet and BAM! The BershCongas now rule BershColliner. One Day we will fight and get back our world! On a side note, Do you know the tale of Roswell, New Mexico where a UFO crashed here, Well we would have had anything related to that, it had beenn't a UFO it was a escape pod.

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One year.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male