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a massiveley huge and italian hockey player...usually has a tendency to stay up north. quite an excellent searching chap! wants to press people's buttons, but in general a great hearted man. a berno likes huge comfortable beds and is very popular utilizing the females, is a respectful gentleman but is awful at going back and answering phone calls and keeping on the phone without drifting off to sleep ;)...hard to achieve...if you intend to speak with him from the phone..you may as well simply ignore it..but he is always an armslength far from his laptop so he is rather obtainable online and frequently utilizes the phrase "rawr" whenever right away message program...a berno likes to tease but is actually rather the sweetheart...=) and in most cases wherever you see some guy called berno..theres usually a woman called donna that loves conversing with him a person of great footballing skill a huge liverpool fan...sadly his baseball capabilities replace with their really tiny penis A group of buddies that spend time with eachother. Everyone understands not to ever mess with BERNO due to the effects. BERNO consists of every back ground and listens to each and every particular songs. Brush everybody, Respect No One is their motto and stand by it. In general a fantastic group of dudes, but do not access it their particular bad side.