What does Bernard mean?

Bernard meaning in Names Dictionary

Grim bear.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Bernard meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, from German Bernhard, virtually "bold as a bear," from Old High German bero "bear" (see bear (n.)) + harti "hard, bold, strong" (see tough).

Bernard meaning in General Dictionary

French physiologist noted for research on secretions for the alimentary canal together with glycogenic function of the liver (1813-1878)

Sentence Examples with the word Bernard

The determining cause of the formation of the tubers is not certainly known, but Professor Bernard has suggested that it is the presence of a fungus, Fusarium solani, which, growing in the underground shoots, irritates them and causes the swelling; the result is that an efficient method of propagation is secured independently of the seed.

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