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a deserted area with EXTREMELY sexy men and women...and top meals and rum An extremely gorgeous island into the Atlantic Ocean. The individuals tend to be friendly and gorgeous. They put on Bermuda Shorts occasionally. Tiny island, stunning men and women.Just to make clear ...1)Bermuda cannot rely "almost entirely on tourists business" really that has been in decrease for some time while the significant money arises from expat reinsurance businesses that set up indeed there in order to prevent United States income tax stuff.2)its true a few of the schools don't possess top reputations but try not to be mislead. numerous middle-class households that will afford it frequently send their children to boarding schools in the united kingdom (a couple of toward us) so they really are wise as!3)Bermudians are chill and high and are usually frequently very friendly4)Bermudians are good at cricket- they're fabled for this perhaps not footy skills