What does Bergen mean?

Bergen meaning in Names Dictionary

Mountain dweller.
Name Origin: Scandinavian
Name Gender: Male

Bergen meaning in General Dictionary

a port town in southwestern Norway

Bergen - German to English

to recover

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  • to save
  • to recover [from wreckage etc.]
  • to salvage
  • to truly save
  • to harbour [Br.]
  • to hide
  • to harbor [to hide] [Am.]
  • Bergen

Sentence Examples with the word Bergen

During this period he published his poetical satire called Metamorphosis (1726), his Epistolae ad virum perillustrem (1727), his Description of Denmark and Norway (1729), History of Denmark, Universal Church History, Biographies of Famous Men, Moral Reflections, Description of Bergen (1737), A History of the Jews, and other learned and laborious compilations.

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