What does Berenice mean?

Berenice meaning in Names Dictionary

Spanish type of Berenice.
Name Origin: Spanish
Name Gender: Female

Berenice meaning in Etymology Dictionary

fem. appropriate title, from Latin Berenice, from Macedonian Greek Berenike (classical Greek Pherenike), literally "bringer of victory," from pherein "to bring" (see infer) + nike "victory." The constellation Berenice's tresses is from the tale of this pilfered hair regarding the partner of Ptolemy Euergetes, master of Egypt, c.248 B.C.E., that your queen cut-off as an offering to Venus. The constellation features a dim but noticeable celebrity group. Although first use of the expression in astronomy in English was as a name the star Canopus (1601).

Sentence Examples with the word Berenice

In the neighbourhood of Berenice are the emerald mines of Zabara and Saket.

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