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Berean Christian School is an exclusive K-12 college in Knoxville, TN. Berean is your typical private school in a variety of ways: all pupils must use those unsightly uncomfortable uniforms and there are many rules. No gum. No PDA. No untucked t-shirts (seriously).Other as compared to rules and uniforms and whatnot, Berean is unlike just about any private (or community) school. Since the twelfth grade has actually bit over 100 students, it's a family. The lunchroom (yes, lunchroom, there’s no cafeteria) is home to two refrigerators, one for the young men' lunches plus one when it comes to women'. Gender segregation, you say? Trust me, it really is permanently explanation. The women' fridge is clean and bright...while the guys' is moldy and has the aroma of death.Each Monday early morning the entire high school gathers for family members council, a period for everybody to talk about notices and, occasionally, examine the lost-and-found bin and return all unclaimed what to their mortified proprietors.Daily life at Berean is wholly volatile. One-day, your Spanish course will likely be pulling pranks in the teacher (concealing behind the doorway and, upon her entry, pelting the woman with synthetic veggies!) or contending in "review games" (running around the building chanting globe capitals) or playing hide-and-go-seek in calculus. Luckily, all (or many) of this teachers are very laid-back, and even though they need great work they even enjoy an excellent joke or two. Actually, most pupils will tell you that neighborhood at Berean is the reason why it beneficial.