What does Benton mean?

Benton meaning in Names Dictionary

Settlement in a grassy place.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Benton meaning in General Dictionary

United States artist whose paintings portrayed life into the Midwest and Southern (1889-1975)

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  • usa legislator just who opposed the utilization of paper money (1782-1858)

Sentence Examples with the word Benton

Benton and others prepared a plan for educating the slaves and gradually emancipating them under state law; and undoubtedly a considerable party would have supported such a project, for the Whigs and Democrats were not then divided along party lines on the slavery issue; but nothing took organized form in 1849, when Senator Benton repudiated certain ultra pro-slavery instructions, breathing a secession spirit, passed by the General Assembly for the guidance of the representatives of the state in Congress.

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