What does Bente Bente mean?

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Bente is a beautifull but bented lady, usually redheaded and hotheaded. A Bente could be the focus and she is a magnet to all or any women and men of resonable wit. The woman humor is spiced with intimate undertones and a Bente often uses her very own expertise in her humoristic storytelling.But bear in mind, calling your son or daughter Bente might cause a kid of good temperament though beauty will follow the temper hand-in-hand. Bente is a fucking snitch-teacher.. she believes shes all cool, helpsome, funny and pretty.. she thinks she got a nice sound 2... SHE AINT LITTLE OF THE THING I SAID.. I acquired something to state about her.. FUCK THAT SNITCH.. she is a snitch.. snitch, snitch, snitch, snitch.. causes my parents mad at myself.. bitch.. whattafuck she implies I aint showin no respect.. I SIMPLY COME LATE.. AND SHE CALLS our MOTHA AND SENDS HER EMAIL EVERYDAY..