What does Bensaid mean?

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Family surname; mostly aristocratic, yet additionally marked by common peasantry. Widespread throughout North Africa, tracing origins to non-Arab converts to Islam in 7th century, with a number deciding in Spain and surrounding regions after the Muslim conquest of Andalusia. Family remained in Spain after Reconquista and expulsion of Muslim populace, yet usually under guise various religions; as seen in minority amount of 'Bensaid' Moriscos presently found in the area today. Virtually indicates Son(s) associated with Happy, or Lucky. Current descendants primarily discovered because diaspora in Southern France, Spain, Italy and a great many other countries and in a lot smaller figures in the usa, South America and Canada.Genetics: Tending to fall within Haplogroup E1b1b (E-M215), which will not warrant Berber roots and Halpogroup J-P58; although post-colonial and civil-war displacement has made permanent modifications on gene share.