What does Benreh mean?

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1.) an unusual species of the homosapien family members. Discovered just in its local location of samammish, washington, its characterized for its excessively ridiculous, extreme as well as vulgar mating telephone calls. Doesn't have purpose in life other than to fall asleep, play bass, wrestle while making the time and effort to mate with something that moves, specifically that of the Andreswheeles breed.2.) Slang term produced by the bad section of ny. Meaning: stripper and/or hooker3.) Arises from ancient Greek mythology. Benreh ended up being the ancient god of sleep. Whenever local Athenians had been caught shoplifting, they were sentenced into the cave of Benreh, where Benreh then made he/she it really is mistress, condemned to a life of reckless bass-playing and nude wrestling using the demon-god Benreh